I liKe to PAint stUff.


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Wanna be a big shot and get your hands on a Sassy Crayon Original art work, but spent all your money on martinis this month? Well you are in luck you boujee queen! 

Every three months I create a teeny tiny original mini artwork series for you to get your hands on!! This months it’s all about the pose baby. Bringing ancient beauty together with modern consumerism BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I’M ABOUT. These mini originals are yours for the taking and at the same price as a print you cant go wrong. So take home your Sassy Crayon mini today – or even better take home 5!

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The Sassy Crayon is back with new open edition prints of some of her most popular work. A perfect way to spice up your space while showing off your support for an artist you love! You’re a saucy minx and know it – all you need to show it is some new wall decor.

Open edition prints are an affordable way for you to change up your walls, brighten your rooms and inspire creativity.

Or if you are ready to throw off the stabilizers and start your art collection for real – why not try out our one of one prints? Hand embellished prints that are one of the kind without an original price tag BOOM! You are welcome!

here's some other stuff i like to do


Who doesn’t love having something unique and boujee that they can lord over their family or frenemies? I KNOW I DO!

And how boujee does it get having your own personalised work from a professional artist?

I love creating one of a kind commissions for my clients so they can be the beez kneez at their next house party.

So go on! What are you waiting for? Be a swanky hot shot and book a commission consultation with me today….Or head to my commissions page to find out more.


Want to sound clever the next time you’re at an art gallery, or a Tinder date with someone cultured? Well head on over to my blog!

It’s full of tips, tricks and info about art collecting, art creating and generally all things art!

Or if you want to stay one step ahead of the game join my collectors club for monthly updates and all the latest news. 


Are you an artist that needs help holding your brush? Do you want to take the leap to be a full time creative? Or are you stuck in a rut with your art business?

Well guess what sister – I got your back! Not only do I love to share all my tips and tricks through my blog, but I also offer one on one online coaching and crits! Hit the button to find out more! Join our Sassy Squad for weekly inspo, or hit up our facebook group and become part of an ever growing community of female artists

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