UK-born, UAE-based artist, avid traveller and ex-partier.

After graduating in Interior Architecture and Design, Samantha spent several years travelling, living and embracing the culture in South East Asia and Australia. After a brief stint in living London she finally settled in the UAE, where she currently lives with her two fur monsters/kitty cat helpers Gizmo and Nugget.

But no matter where she was in the world Samantha has always had an affinity for the art world. And has continued to paint wherever she was. A great believe in education and up skilling she joined the Milan Art Institute to build on her already bursting portfolio of techniques.

Her knowledge of interiors and design enable her to create beautiful bespoke works of art that match any environment. Samantha squeezes every last drop of enjoyment she can out of each moment, and she wants her artwork to reflect this. 

She creates abstract and abstract realism works, that have a clear nod to her obsession with pop art. Using bright, bold colours and mixed media to express her zest for life and the beautiful world we live in. Her newest collection “Voice” is an autobiographical story of her travels, her relationships and her view on the world we live in. Each work comes with it’s own story. 

Samantha wants to bring fun to the art world, and to bring colour and joy to every person her work touches. Oh – and she never says no to a an ice cold martini and a slice of pizza!