Female Artists Painters Modern UAE


The Sassy Crayon was created by Samantha Lomas. Transforming her own love for art from a side hustle into a dream job inspired her to help other female creative entrepreneurs.  Above all, The Sassy Crayon aims to empower women, help them grow, and provide a space for them to independently run their businesses at low costs.  It’s not uncommon to pay high commissions as an artist, especially when you’re a woman.  Our artists receive the exposure, recognition, and prices they deserve for their beautiful and one-of-a-kind creations.   


The Sassy Crayon guarantees that every piece of art is handcrafted with love, care, and dedication. No piece is the same and we like it that way. Everyone deserves to enjoy beautiful art.  Every room needs a piece of art or two to give it warmth and character.  When you buy a piece of art from one of our UAE-based female artists, not only will you be buying something truly unique, you’ll be supporting our growing community.  With your support, we can develop a fierce team of UAE-based female artists that will level the playing field and create striking, meaningful pieces of art.

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