I’ll be honest.

This artist statement is NOT a great read.

But as an artist, I am APPARENTLY meant to write one. And APPARENTLY it is supposed to give you, the wonderful collector (heellooo there), an insight into my life and inspiration and blah blah blah.

AGAIN – not a great read BUT remember, I’m an artist not a writer. So just PLEASE keep that in mind when you read it.

In fact, come to think of it, my art is probably A LOT more interesting to you than anything I will ever write on this website. It’s BOLD, it’s BRIGHT, it’s a bit little bit SEXY (but not too sexy), and it’s created using some incredible mixed media techniques that I learnt through my time with the Milan Art Institute and throughout the rest of my art career. Each piece even has it’s very own story behind it. Be it humiliation, love, tipsy decisions or all of the above, and all based on my crazy travels round the world.

Truth be told, you have already wasted five minutes of your time and you haven’t even got to the statement yet. So it is my recommendation that you stop pursuing with this notion, that I may potentially have written something of interest to you. Instead you should probably just go to my straight to my gallery or to nip over to my store to check it out – you will have much more fun there, I promise.

Anyway – here it is, my artist statement…

I’m Sam . I like to paint stuff.

See – told you it was bad.