Love my work – but need to fit a specific space? Do you have a subject matter that is close to your heart? Or do you need to fit a specific colour scheme? Then how about a personalised painting?

I will collaborate with your own personalised Sam Lomas – Sassy Crayon original, unique to only you. From small 1-of-a-kind canvases to large mural-sized art works, if you can dream it – I can do it.

Due to high demand, I am only accepting commissions that are booked through my online one on one commission consultations. Be it over bubbles or coffee, I need to get to know you so I am best able to understand your artistic requirements.

Every consultation is fully redeemable against your personalised artwork. AND for this month only it is HALF PRICE!! So let’s have a natter hun! Book your consultation today to get the ball rolling and treat yourself to your very own one of a kind work.


Full price USD 100


During your consultation with us, we will ask you a number of questions about what it is that you want to achieve. Why this piece is important to you and how you want to work. We aim to get all commissioned work completed within 30 days of the consultation however this will be at the discretion of the artist and will be discussed on the phone call.

Not sure if you are ready to take the plunge with our full consultation? No problem, we also offer a 15 minute speed consultation for just USD 10 to discuss your needs and how we will best be able to help you.

The official
commissions policy

HEA YE HEAR YE – a serious message is about to ensue.

I LOVE working with people to create the artwork of their dreams! But to make sure we are on the same page, and I don’t spend hours of my day crying in a dark corner I have written a little policy about how my commissions work.

I hope it will answer any questions you may have about my process, and that together we can create something awesome! 

Personalised paintings are a way for me to create a special piece that is unique only to you. And because they are unique they may take up to a month to complete.

In order for me to work best, and due to high demand I am only taking on commissions that are booked via a commission consultation. The cost of this consultation is USD 50 and is fully redeemable on your work. If you choose not to go ahead with the piece then you will be given a voucher to spend of the same value in our Sassy Crayon Store, on any of my works. 

During this consultation we will fill out a questionnaire and I will answer any further questions that you may have about my process. You may provide me with images from your life, from your home, special objects that you love or pictures of your pets or loved ones and tell me all about your motives behind this work. We will work collaboratively to create the work, which will be completed in my style and voice. 

During the process, I will send 3 progress pictures in order to ensure that you are happy with the way the work is progressing.

You will be required to provide 30% of the cost of the artwork as a non refundable deposit, prices are as follows:

Sketches on Paper –  250 gsm paper, with graphite and watercolour:

14.8 cm x 21cm : USD 48

21cm x 29.7cm: USD 97

29.7cm x 42cm: USD 193

larger sizes available on request

Oil and Mixed media on paper – 330gsm paper:

14.8 cm x 21cm : USD 72

21cm x 29.7cm: USD 145

29.7cm x 42cm: USD 290

larger sizes available on request

Oil and Mixed media on canvas:

21cm x 29.7: USD 193

30cm x 50cm: USD 465

70cm x 90cm: USD 1953

100cm x 100cm: USD 3100

custom sizes are available on request

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