Meet Our Brands

Young Female Artists Painters UAE

Samantha Lomas aka Sassy Crayon

As a UAE-based female artist, I enjoy painting both women and statues, drawn to their innate strength and power. I experiment with different mediums and techniques to add depth and layers to my paintings, finishing every work with oil paint to ensure that the colours remain rich and intense.

My newest collection was motivated by my disillusionment with the ongoing inequality in the art industry between male and female artists.  To express my frustrations, I began creating a series of paintings that explore women’s strength, power, and beauty. Influenced by the pop art movement, I use bold, playful colours to attract immediate attention and dominate space, combined with fine art techniques that portray the softness, depth, and sincerity of a woman.

If you are interested in exploring my work, I currently offer three products:

– prints (sold via Printify)

– limited edition, hand-embellished prints

– canvases and fine art

Art By Ruth


Sassy Merch

Everyone could use a little bit more sass in their lives these days. Our founding creatives designed Sassy Merch so that anyone can carry a bit of sass with them, no matter the occasion. 

Whether you choose from one of our cheeky ready-made options or want to create your own custom sass-filled merch, we know we have what you need to give your life a little more colour and character. Why choose plain, dull, or ordinary when you can choose sass?

From notebooks to mugs, our merch provides a fun yet practical way to enjoy a cup of tea, get shit done, and bring some sass into your life in the meantime!

Sassy Green Threads

What do you get when you cross a pandemic, two neighbours, and a few too many bottles of wine? CUSTOMISED CLOTHING.

Sassy Green Threads was conceived by Faye Green and Samantha Lomas, when they let their love of the creative world explode all over denim jackets. They have produced some incredible custom designs, one of which was inspired by the infamous “Tiger King” documentary. To celebrate the documentary in all of its feline glory, they designed and created a custom jacket lined with tiger print that features an image of the King himself hugging a tiger. 

Like this Tiger King masterpiece, all Sassy Green Threads jackets are fully lined with fabric chosen to perfectly match their design. Hand-sewn and hand-painted, there is a perfect design for everyone. 

If you are looking for a custom design, don’t hesitate to get in touch. No matter your clothing desires, Sassy Green Threads can create the custom piece of your dreams!