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At Sassy Crayon, we are proud to offer a variety of services for artists and art-lovers alike. If you aren’t interested in our current art offerings available, we offer commissioned pieces from our female artists for your specific needs. If you need to fit a specific space, vibe, or even colour scheme, our artists are able to work with you to help create the art of your dreams! Simply reach out and let us know the artist you’re interested in working with to discuss more about your options for custom, commissioned pieces of art.


Our artists regularly host events and workshops for a variety of purposes and audiences. Whether discussing a specific medium or highlight an art technique, these events and workshops are a great resource for new and developing artists and aficionados. From online art classes to Instagram tips, we want you to be ready for anything the art world throws at you.

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Want to commission one of our artists for something special for your home? Get in touch now for a personalised quote.


We offer new and emerging UAE-based female artists fair prices, providing a space for them to sell their work and pay low commissions. We support them with networking opportunities and business advice when its needed most, empowering women in art to grow into successful, business-minded artists. We provide support for UAE-based female artists to develop their business both locally and internationally. Our goal is to dismantle the discrimination found in many galleries and provide a safe place for UAE-based female artists to shine.

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