GQ – Original Mini Series


Framed original artwork – From the mini Series Pose
Other details:
  • Paper weight: 300 g/m²
  • Framed
  • 40cm x 50cm with frame
  • Mixed media
  • For indoor use
  • Payment plan available, please contact us for more info

Art tells stories, inspires us, and piques our curiosity. Original paintings have a vibration to them that you can’t get from a print or poster. They hum and resonate throughout the space they occupy.

Art allows us to get in touch with our emotions. Ever see a painting you love, or even one you hate? Either way, considering WHY you feel the way you do about it deepens your understanding of yourself.  Art is something we all have in common, whether we’re appreciating it, creating it or supporting it financially.

Sassy Crayon is proud to offer high-quality, original artworks on canvas and high-quality paper.  Painted in either oils, mixed media, or acrylics, our artists produce sensational and singular pieces of fine art.

Our fine art collection varies in sizes and media, including hand-embellished gold leaf on some works.  These original artworks created by female artists based in the UAE provide great value and enjoyment for years to come!

Artist Bio

The mini series “Pose” was inspired by the beauty of the ancient world. Samantha creates dramatic and vibrant abstract realism using mixed media to showcase and amplify the power of her work.  No matter whether she uses oil paints, acrylic, or other media, you can feel the strength of these women radiating from their canvases thanks to her vibrant and powerful use of media and colours.

When Samantha was successful transforming her love for art into a dream job, she was inspired to help other female creative entrepreneurs and create Sassy Crayon.  Above all, Sassy Crayon aims to empower women, help them grow, and provide a space for them to independently run their businesses at low costs.  Samantha works hard to ensure artists within the Sassy Crayon fold receive the exposure, recognition, and prices they deserve for their beautiful and one-of-a-kind creations.

  • Weight:
    1.24 kg
  • Dimensions:
    53 × 43 × 4 cm
  • Frame Colour:

    Black, White