One of One Mini Print - 2



One of One Mini Print (for the ones going up in the world)

Always wanted an original work but spent all your money on martini’s? WELL honey now you can have it ALL!

Introducing one of one fine art prints! If you’re looking for a piece to start (or add to) your collection, these will definitely do the trick. Each print is one of a kind and hand finished, making it unmatched by anything else in your space. Better yet…You can still afford martinis with what’s left over.

One of One Print

Printed on 220 gms archival paper, with museum quality inks, and hand finished with mixed media

15 x 20cm

Framed, signed and dated 

Artist Bio: SAMANTHA LOMAS aka The Sassy Crayon

Artist Samantha Lomas began painting at an age when most young people are still playing with their crayons. Her signature style – bright colours, neon writing and sassy subjects are sure to put a smile on your face. It’s almost like little Sammy’s sparkle that shines through in every piece.

 And no, she never colours inside the lines – it’s just better that way *wink*.

Sultan Haboosh

A good artist will provide you with a good painting. An amazing artist will help you imagine, take what you imagine and put it on canvas. Sam is an amazing artist.

tsc landscape
John and Judy

Sam communicates excellently whilst she is producing her work. She is engaging, well organised and has a contract protecting both parties. Can’t recommend her highly enough. We are delighted with our magnificent painting.


Sam created the work of my dreams. The most amazing part is how the painting changes colour throughout the day. This work is now a talking point in my home.